Puppy & Dog Training Warwickshire

With Tracey From Puppeez & Newbeez

Puppy & Dog Training Warwickshire: Tracey is an experienced qualified puppy and adult dog owner trainer. Teaching you to teach your dog by introducing Positive Reinforcement Training Methods whilst keeping it fun active & interesting for both you & your puppy.

Basic training commands such as: sit, wait, come, leave it and down are so important to teach to your dog to enable them to be happy, confident, sociable and well mannered whilst out and about and at home. Feel free to get in touch with Puppy Training Warwickshire today.

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Professional Puppy & Dog Training Warwickshire

puppy training Warwickshire

Tracey at Puppy Training Warwickshire can train you to train your puppy. With over 20 years of experience in Training dogs and publishing guides for safe treats and toys for dogs and puppy’s, you can be confident that Puppy Training Warwickshire is your 1-stop shop for all your puppy and dog needs.

Puppy training Warwickshire

Course Content includes

Learn Through Play



Name Recognition


Treats & Toys

Recall & Commands

Jumping Up

Chewing & Anxiety

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