Why should I train my dog

Teaching your dog to sit helps to increase the calm, controlled behavior many pet parents want while decreasing the out-of-control, unwanted behavior that some dogs display. It has many safety aspects associated to it and teaches manners whist keeping your dog safe


Teaching your dog to lie down is useful in everyday life for times when you want them to be still, e.g. when you’re grooming or examining them, when visitors come to your house, or for times when you want to take your dog out to a restaurant with you


Training your dog to ‘wait’ or ‘stay’ is simple and can be really important in keeping your dog safe – for example, asking them to stay in the back of the car while you clip a lead onto their collar. You’ll need your dog to be well practised at lying down on command before moving on to ‘stay’. Opening the door and preventing your dog running out onto a busy road


Leave it is another important command for your dog to understand. Leave it means your dog can’t eat something which could be harmful and dangerous,

Like “stay,” “leave it” is a cue that may prevent your dog from being injured and may even save his life. “Leave it” should be taught to all dogs and practiced frequently.


This is an important behaviour to teach your dog because it helps to keep them safe and means they can enjoy and benefit from exercise off lead.


Off is a command important for your dog to know and learn You can teach “off” to get your dog to move when you want him to, and prevent him/her jumping up on your or strangers, it also teaches your dog get off furniture


Teaching “socialisation” refers to the learning process that a puppy must undergo to learn key life skills which ensure that they are happy and confident in their environment, with other dogs and humans